Subject: Re: London airports
Greetings Ziners, especially Margaret of Melbourne, OZ.

You ask about a taxi from Heathrow to Stansted - with our aussie

exchange rate, I reckon you might need about $400 for that trip.

There are a few ways to do this trip (apart from millionaires taxi)

Heathrow to central London will cost you about 7 pounds by tube, not the quickest, but not too bad, and very convenient. You should aim for Marble Arch, as the Stansted bus leaves from Oxford Street just outside that tube station. Sadly Heathrow is on Piccadilly, so you will need to change twice, probably best at Barons Court to District Edgeware Road line (just cross the platform) then Notting Hill Gate to Central Eastbound. The bus to Stansted takes a while (Stansted is out in East Anglia, an old bomber field from WWII) and I think its about 10 pounds.

There is a bus service connecting all London Airports, I think

including Stansted. I have never taken it, but they operate from a booth outside T4 arrivals.

You could also take the Heathrow Express (mainline) to Paddington (I think) then transfer to Kings Cross (maybe 6pounds or so by taxi) and take the Stansted Express from there. Don't know the cost of Stansted express, but the Heathrow Express is about 20 pounds these days.

If you have a good map, take a look at Stansted, and you will see why its such a problem. Its just near Bishops Stortford, south of Cambridge.

Hope this info saves you a fortune

Paul in Steamy Sydney