Subject: Re: Interesting Internet Cafes!

I've used the internet in a wide variety of places. The most unusual time was going to the public libraries in New Zealand. In 1999, they had the best and cheapest access. The most unexpected was in Putre Chile at 11,000ft. They didn't have phone access but had satellite access for internet at their public library.

Regarding the @, it is available on all international keyboards. On non-US keyboards, the right ALT key also called ALT GR works similar to the shift to generate additional characters. Characters that can be generated by holding the ALT GR are using printed on the key caps just to the side of the character instead of above. The @ symbol is usually one of those characters that are generated by using the ALT GR. On the Italian keyboard, it is Alt GR . This key is located where the ; is located on US keyboards. On the Spanish keyboard, it is ALT GR 2.

This site at Microsoft will allow you to see the layout in different countries. Roll your mouse over the ALT GR to see the additional characters.

There are other ways to do this such as holding down either ALT key and press 0064 on the 10-key pad. You can also use Character Map in Accessories.

Happy Travels, Marta in WA State