Subject: Re: Tips to avoid getting inferior rooms using Priceline-
Hi Rose,

I'm not aware of any tips for avoiding inferior rooms using Priceline. The best you can do is study BFT postings carefully to learn of hotels that are better thought of by successful bidders.

In some areas there are hotels that a signficant number of peoples have found lacking. By reviewing BFT area by area, you can often get a good idea of what it will cost for a successful bid and what hotel you will get. Even so, Priceline's inventory is constantly changing and there is no way of be absolutely assured that what has happened in the past will be repeated. At the three star level and higher, however, you will usually get something that's at least acceptable if not an exceptional bargain. Of the dozen or so experiences I've had with Priceline hotels, none were terrible.

Some could have been better. Most were good or great deals. This doesn't vary much from when I paid full price. Except that now I'm paying $40-$50 per night rather than $150.

The one thing to keep in mind when using Priceline is to be fully prepared from your studies of BFT postings. If you're not prepared to do that, Priceline probably is not a good idea for you.

Regards, Russell