Subject: National Express airport links
Hello Margaret

National Express e-tickets are sold for a specific journey on a specific day, but I suppose it's only for booking purposes, i.e. assuring you there will be a seat on that bus, out of the first come, first serve rule (a Ziner in London some years ago missed her flight because of an already full bus, if I remember well). While the ticket is not refundable, I'm sure it can be used on a different time if there are available seats. You can anyway e-mail their customer service for confirmation. According to my experience, National Express average timetables are reliable, as they show different journey times according to time of the day; again, an average value is just average, meaning it can be better or worse according to road conditions. I'm sure you don't wish to jeopardize any chance you have by considering an average like a definite! Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy