Subject: Hungary
Hi Art, CÚcile and I travelled in Hungary in 1996. We used train and bus as means of transport. We stayed 2 nights in Pecs.It is an interesting and historical city.It has old walls and 2 Turkish Mosques (ottoman empire period). You can drink local wines, one of which is a sparkling wine. A day-trip from Pecs is Siklos where there is a well preserved castle.

We also visited Balaton Lake.We stayed in Balatonfured on the north shore of the lake.The north shore is more historic and has scenic view.The south shore has sandy beaches.Balatonfured is a beautiful spa town.
>From Balattonfured we took a ferry to Tihany and the Benedictine Abbey. If you drive a car,we imagine that it would be easy to circle around the lake.

We stayed in private rooms at the both places.

Hoping that we help you

Marc Hawey CÚcile Gareau Quebec city