Subject: Safety and Overseas Travel (Egypt and other countries)
Hi Ziners,

I can't wait for Carol's Egypt review, and have read with envy of other travellers who have recently visited or are planning trips to Egypt. I aborted plans to go to Egypt in January this year for a number of reasons, including safety / security fears.

So can I ask Ziners what mental process you go through, or mindset you have, to either make security issues not a concern, or work through them logically so they are no longer a concern? I realise that the Americans amongst us will sadly have had too much practice at ignoring threats and not letting it dictate their lives. But the recent plane crash near Hurghada for which terrorists claimed responsibility (unproven?) and the recent stabbing of an Australian and a Swedish tourist in Cairo who were mistaken for Americans (as claimed by the attacker) has me fearing that I will never overcome that fear and make it to Egypt. :) Megan Brisbane, Australia - 25oC overnight and sweltering