Subject: Re: Hungary
Hi Art

You asked about Pecs in Hungary. We stayed there when we visited Hungary in 1989. We were travelling by train and in Hungary stayed in private rooms. Although Hungary at that time was very well priced for the tourist, hotels were expensive - geared to currencies other than Australian.

We found Pecs a very pretty town and very peaceful. We enjoyed the food there too.

We enjoyed visiting the Victor Vasarely museum. He was born in Pecs - I recorded in my diary the pleasure of seeing tapestries of zebras, sculpture and chess sets. One web site which I just browsed to refresh my memory stated he was acknowledged leader of the Op Art movement, and his innovations in color and optical illusion have had a strong influence on many modern artists.

We visited a few other museums in Pecs including an archeological museum, a former mosque, an early Christian (3rd century) mausoleum & crypt. We also managed to go to a few concerts and an opera performance.

>From Pecs we visited Mohacs. We didn't visit the battlefield and its memorial but you may find it interesting.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia