Subject: Re: Tips to avoid getting inferior rooms using Priceline-
Hi All! Clarification: BFT, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is Anyone considering Priceline for air, hotels or car rentals would be well advised to review the information available at BFT before bidding. Although there are a few sites that attempt to provide information about what works on Priceline, BFT gives the widest range of up-to-date information.

Those who are still unsure about how to proceed after reviewing the postings can even request bidding assistance, which BFT's administrators will provide. BUT . . . you must read the FAQ before asking for bidding assistance. The administrators are extremely knowledgeable and will suggest the specific strategies. In all cases, however, the assistance must be requested in the format they specify in their FAQ. There is no charge, either. Indeed, for air travel, I have even seem them work alongside bidders to provide step-by-step guidance. A great resource, in my opinion. Russell from Connecticut