Subject: Inferior Rooms on Priceline

I use Priceline quite often and my suggestion is just not settle for an inferior room. I have been known to go back to the front desk and ask for a different room.

I think some travelers feel strange making requests if they have paid cheap rates. My theory is that the hotel had the ability to accept or decline the rate.

Now, you must really have an inferior room. For example, I stayed a the Sheraton Dolphin in Disney a few weeks ago on a Hotwire rate. My room was fine. I did not expect a view of Epcot or an upgrade to a balcony room etc... I figured I would get the standard view which would be something like the parking lot and could not complain. So if you use Priceline and your hotel has a view of Hyde Park in London, don't expect the view. You do have a right to expect a clean room in working condition of approximately the same size as others. (Note: In Paris I actually accepted a small room voluntarily since the room was ready at 10 am and the room I had originally been assigned was not going to be ready for a few hours.)

Carol Nashville, TN