Subject: Re: Alternative accommodation - Rome
Dear Ziners,

Frances asked about the convent accomodations listed in the Santa Susanna website for Rome. Frances, I don't have any experience with convent accomodations, but I have used the Santa Susanna site many times for tips and recs, and I must say they are very good, IMO.

Being the American Catholic parish in Rome, I believe they strive for accuracy because they want to help visitors, but do not want the hassle of people complaining to them about things they didn't like. The site was constructed to help Jubilee visitors, but it has been updated since then.

I especially like their restaurant recommendations. They suggest Il Giardino, which no other guidebook or website does, as far as I can tell, and we had a marvelous meal there. Just as they say, the garden room is lovely, and the pasta limone was one of the very best dishes of pasta I have ever had. And I eat a lot of pasta. ;-)

So I think that Santa Susanna's website is probably a good place to start. Ciao, Debbie