Subject: Southern England
Hello all, We are going to be taking an 11 day trip to the UK. We are flying into Gatwick, renting a car, and staying at B& Bs. We already found so much to do just in the southeastern part of the country that we are limiting our trip to that area.

We are starting out in Portsmouth, which is as far west as we will go, and will then be moving east. We need a place to stay in Portsmouth for two nights. Given the horrendous exchange rate, we are trying to keep an upper limit of 50 pounds per night for the two of us and hopefully that will include breakfast. So, if you know of anyplace in that area, please let me know.

My real question is about the castles and stately homes in and around Kent. We will probably get a 7 day Great British Heritage Pass but will still have to limit ourselves because of time issues. What places have you visited that you especially liked? Your help will be greatly appreciated as I work on our plans.

Thanks to all, Janet Riverview, Florida