Subject: Re: Paris Cafes

The cafe's in Paris sell croissants and pastry's. I can't imagine them allowing you to bring your own from a bakery. Why would anybody do that anyway?

I was in Laduree which sells their pastry in the restaurant as well as at the tables in their restaurant. As in most places, the counter prices are less than at the tables. I saw a couple buy pastry at the counter and then sit down for waitress service coffee in the restaurant. After they got their coffee's they pulled out their pastry. The waitress was fuming, but politely told them (in french, but they got her meaning) that they couldn't do that. They put the pastry's away and finished their coffee's, but growsed to each other about the silly french. My friend was going to tell them that it's against the rules to do that because the establishment is taxed by whether it's sold at the counter or at a table. If a french official saw their opened pastry boxes at the table, Laduree could have been fined. We figured they were the type that didn't care to know, so we didn't bother.

More than you wanted to know, huh?

Candice NYC