Subject: Re: Southern England
Hello Janet

We have travelled by car several times in England. You are sensible to restrict yourself to one small pert of the country as there is so much to see and do. I will leave the bit about castles and stately homes to others as we do not visit too many of those. Now cathedrals are something else. And scenery!

With regard to B& Bs we did not book ahead and even though we were there in peak season found a good place every night. We would start looking about 3 pm each day and generally found something fairly quickly. Many B& Bs have a sign outside. In that way we found some beauties eg 16th century farmhouse way out in the countryside near Watchet, and a 13th century inn (now a private house) in Pendeen. We were also on a tight budget and managed to find places for less than 40 pounds. This was in 1998 so for 50 pounds you should be able to find a decent place to rest your weary heads.

When we had found a place we would have along talk with the owner to ask about local sights and feeding places. Seeing as we were there in mid summer we would then have a number of hours to continue sightseeing etc, before and after dinner.

You should have a ball!

Gerrit in Perth (Australia)