Subject: EuroRail Rail/Drive Passes
Hi Ziners,

We're trying to decide whether to get the Rail N Drive pass for Italy offered by EuroRail or booking cars at separate locations individually and just getting the rail pass, or even buying individual tickets.

What we're looking at is the following.

Pick up Car in Turin for travel through Le Langhe and on to Lucca. Drop off car in Lucca and take the Train for Florence, spend a couple of days in Florence (without car) at the Hotel Giglio. Pick up another car in Florence and for travels through Tuscany. Drop off car in Arezzo or Siena (whatever's closer to La Casalta (near Sinalunga)) and take the Train to Milan. Pick up another car in Milan to explore the lakes and finally drop off at Malpensa and home...

The car rental through EuroRail is for strict 24 hour time periods, so if we pick up early, but drop off at hour 30, we pay extra for the extra time, and the website explicitly states that it is at a prevailing higher rate but (of course) doesn't give a figure.

If I get quotes on-line through hertz or avis (any other recommendations?) at least I get a price for any extra time.

Also, since our flight home leaves early in the morning, does anyone know if there is an after-hours drop option for cars at Malpensa,

we'll most likely be dropping off the car before 6 am, and I believe most agencies don't open before 6:30 or 7 am.


John & Jennifer Wiernikowski Hamilton, CANADA