Subject: Paris Cafes and elsewhere...

Regarding cafes in Paris, Carol, I am amazed at your positive experience , the truth is that Patricia Welles in one of her book tells of similar experiences.

I am with Candice in as much as I wouldn't dare to buy a croissant in the bakery and eat it in the cafe, because if I were the owner of the cafe I wouldn't like it either. I thought I knew the French but apparently I am wrong. :-)

Talking of similar experiences in other parts of the world, once I could not believe my eyes when a group of 4 seniors ladies in their kind of tennis outfits, occupying a table in the most well known cafe in all Naples, didn' t order anything and instead drank form their own water bottles, I felt terribly and could not agree with the indifference of the Italian waiters.

On the other hand a friend told me that when she was a student in Paris and used to go to a cafeteria ordering little while bringing a fruit, the patronne told her it was not acceptable.

And in New York, in a Coffee Shop, in 42nd street between 3rd and 2nd Ave during the 60s, once while my husband was having lunch, I joined him sitting in a tiny, tiny table and didn't order anything. The waiter told me that I should order something because it was lunch time and he charged me 25 cts extra for sitting there. (My office was next door at the News Building and I had breakfast there almost everyday) I was astonished with his demand.

A French friend told me that in Jean Le Pin in France, she and her boyfriend went for dinner and did not order wine because they do not drink and also the patronne told tell that they should order wine or else.

Another French friend told me that someplace in France she ordered pasta and then asked for pasta again, and was told that it was not possible that she should order a main dish like meat ....

Any other experiences similar to these? How do you feel about it?

Graziella, Miami Beach.