Subject: Re: Thailand - Best way to take money
Hi Rosemary, Just got back from SE Asia and we found Thailand easy to change any currency - and plenty of ATM's in major centres (typically only Baht are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shopping). But outside the major areas there aren't too many ATM's but banks offer good rates. Credit cards can be used in most major hotels/restaurants.

But outside Thailand, the US$ is King - particularly Cambodia.

EVERYBODY accepts small denomination bills (change may be in local currency) and it can be very difficult to change money back. Also ATM's are rare and Travellers Cheques (may charge a premium)can be difficult to change and credit cards rarely accepted (and only then at a premium). Ironically, large US bills get a better exchange rate than smaller ones and are eagerly accepted (nobody questioned our $100 or $50 - in fact they asked for larger bills wherever it made sense).

Alan & Catherine Gardner