Subject: Re: Travel wardrobe in a carry on (was London Theatre)
Hi all!

I take a Sportsac tote which weighs zippo by itself. I manage to stuff at least three pairs of pants, assorted tops and scarfs, basic underwear and socs, sandals (which I can use as slippers), lightweight sweats which I can use as pejas and occasionally a sweater. I also take some soap, often an absorbant towel to do my roll up and dry, a plastic hanger, clothes pins and string, and assorted odds and ends. I wear three to four layers enroute and take either an Eagle Creek purse-knapsack or one a bit larger I got from Norm Thompson. Carry my water, travel info, passport, dental stuff and the like in that. Learned to pack light as BritAir allowed only 16 lb carry ons in economy. And they weighed them!! My husband and I were close enough on weight that we carried odds and ends, like his razor, in our pockets until after the weighin. On occasion, I've had to lug both his and my stuff - I would bless BritAir then!


Jo, in Sunnyvale but off to China in May!!