Subject: Burg Eltz-How to get there? The hike? Etc.
Hello Ziners,

What is the easiest way to get to Burg Eltz on the Mosel River from Koblenz, Germany? I am not a power hiker! In fact, I'm a slow walker who likes to take a lot of pictures.

What is the hike from Moselkern to Burg Eltz like? How steep is it? How long does it take to get to the castle? (I have read everything from 35 min. to one hour for one-way.) Once to the castle, how much time should one allow there to take a good look around? Will I be able to get from Moselkern to Beilstein easily on public transportation if I walk to the castle and back from Moselkern, i.e. will schedules mesh?

Is there an easier way to get to Burg Eltz from Koblenz on public

transportation (train, bus), and then still get to Beilstein in mid- to-late afternoon? I'll be there mid-week, just before Easter.

Thanks! majeba (Barbara) Rawlins, WY