Subject: Tilley clothes - was Travel wardrobe in a carry on
Ziners, A ziner was asking about Tilley Wear. Here is the website:

I hate to write this, because Tilley is a Canadian company, but although the clothes may last a lifetime, they are very expensive and quite unfashionable. Kind of lumpy and will need to be altered to fit your body shape (at an added cost). Everthing is offered in a shade of beige ( or rose or pale blue) - who wears beige? Sure they have secret pockets but they seem to appeal to the paranoic traveller. And I'm sure the world has caught on to the secret pocket by now.

Eddie Bauer has a new line of wrinkle resistant clothing which I think is very good. I bought a pair of their Khaki pants last year which are quite remarkable. They don't wrinkle and don't stain. The company has now introduced shirts for women and a mens' wear line. Added bonus - the trousers come in navy and black.

I don't work for either company. Lucy, Toronto