Subject: cheap(ish) hotels in england (was re: southern england)
Hi Janet and other Ziners dismayed by the steep increase in accomodation costs in England,

Please excuse the delay in posting this reply. I am at present in Tel Aviv, and because i have to pay phone charges for the time i am on the internet, I have gotten in the habit of downloading the Zine digests as they come in and then reading them every few days.

If you are not insistant on quaint or atmospheric hotels when in england, you can't go wrong at any of the many travelodges or travel inns located all over the country. They have basic, motel style rooms with private baths and in my experience are always spotlessly clean. Outside of the major cities, I'm pretty sure you can get a room at any of them for less than 50 pounds. The ones i have stayed in have had tea and coffee in the room, and a reasonably priced restaurant either in the hotel or next door. travelodge now has a 30 pound special for a limited number of rooms at each location. I just made a reservation at Heston East, near Heathrow, for the night i arrive in England on my way home from tel aviv. They were out of the 30 pound rooms, but i got one for 35. The location at heston west was 59.95 for the same night. The only problem is that they are no longer served by the Heathrow airport shuttle, so we will have to take a cab, but it may not cost any more for 2 people than the shuttle would have. does anyone know approximately how much a taxi would cost? The hotel is 5 miles from the airport. i actually made this reservation as a backup, as i intend to bid on priceline, so i want to have the total price to compare. This will be only the second time i have bid on Priceline and i am a little nervous, but i got a great deal in Toronto last November so i think it is worth a try.

Thanx for all your help, deborah from pgh and tel aviv