Subject: Hotel price differences among cities
Hi Ziners,

An interesting article in London's Daily Telegraph: How to win at the Euro hotel lottery: There are huge price differences among cities - with London the biggest rip-off. So weigh all the factors

Room prices of 365 in a top-end hotel, 210 in a three-star and 110 in the budget bracket were all well over double the average in Europe. What was more, a typical budget hotel in London was shown to be more expensive than a five-star hotel in Istanbul, Warsaw and Budapest, and only 10 less than a luxury hotel in Amsterdam. London budget-room rates also worked out to be seven times more than their equivalents in Prague and almost three times those in Berlin.

It includes a brief list of other prices for city breaks in other places from Holiday Which, the British consumer magazine and confirms the high prices in London.

Frances Toronto, Canada