Subject: Nice, France / wardrobe
Dear 'Ziners,

Does anyone have any experience of the Chagall museum in Nice? Or experience of Nice fullstop ('period' I suppose I should say...;-)) ? Thinking of nipping over there for 4 days in March, maybe take a helicopter ride to Monte Carlo? better than a train/taxi apparently & not much more expensive.

Wardrobe: the best compromise between functional and stylish/presentable I've found in 3 continents (!) is the UK firm Rohan; it is a bit more expensive, but the gear works, seems to last, washes & dries quick and doesn't look too 'Outback Adventurer'. They even do lilac business shirts now! You too can look like Alan Whicker...

Travelsmith always looked OK, but pricy & half the things not available in the UK anyway. And why can't Merrel shoes be sent outside the US?

I always travel with a wire coathanger & a couple of plastic pegs (haven't been pulled over at luggage screening yet, but fingers crossed!). Washing on the go is a minor chore compared with shlepping your own body weight in stuff. No-one's gonna know that you've worn the same stuff a couple of days before.. And yes, I have worn clothes in the shower to wash them - and it seems to work OK!! Shampoo without conditioner is a pretty good washing agent - likely to be kind to your skin, even if you haven't rinsed it all out (unlike some laundry detergents).

Sorry to ramble on, but that's what happens on Friday afternoons....

Have a good 'un Stewart, London