Subject: Re: Nice, France / wardrobe
Hi Stewart and Ziners Nice has a fabulous market. Not sure if it is on every day but I suspect it is because it appears to be well-established. This market has one of the most extravagant flower selections I have ever seen with flowers in colours I have not seen elsewhere. Vendors also sell Provencal articles that you may find elsewhere but at prices below what I have found in other markets. I bought an herb jar (kind of like a pepper mill for 5 francs - pre Euro) which I saw in other markets in Provence and Languedoc for a higher price. This is the area of France where the multinational parfumiers buy their flowers for the essence that they use in their perfumes. Hence the variety.

Washing clothes in the shower is intriguing. I always use shampoo to wash clothes when travelling but have never done this while wearing them. I'll try it next time on holiday. Lucy, Toronto