Subject: Re: What to do with all those Digital photos
Hello Alice,

I found the easiest way was to have the photos discharged to a CD in a camera shop on a regular basis.

I travelled with 2 x 256 meg cards and always ensured I had one completely empty, but each morning, I reviewed the next day and the probable number of photos I'd be taking and if it was likely to be a huge number (eg, my cousin's wedding, a Hampton House river trip and walking tour) I made sure both cards were empty.

I took about 1200 photos on that trip and even allowing for the fact that none of the photo CDs I brought home were filled to capacity, there were only 7 CDs. I also found a couple of places that would allow me to copy my CDs, so I did that and mailed them to my sister to hold for me til I came home, just as insurance in case something happened to the originals.

I bought a firm cover CD holder - the sort that holds up to 20 discs - in a local supermart and carried the originals with me for the rest of the holiday. They took up almost no room in my carry on luggage and suffered no ill effects from X rays at the airports. Better still, my sister had a copy of my photos so I didn't even have to print any out for her!

Cheers, Sue - in Western Australia.