Subject: 35th Spring Fair in Berlin: What is it?
Hello Ziners,

What activities occur at the 35th Spring Fair in Berlin? It happens March 26-April 18. It's located at Zentraler Festplatz am Kurt- Schumacher-Damm. I can even find a map showing the location.

However, I cannot find any explanation of what it's about or what happens there.

There are so many other choices of things to do in Berlin. I don't want to spend time going to the fair if it's not something I might enjoy, especially since my time in Berlin is limited to only two days and two nights. (Third morning will be spent getting to the airport.) On the other hand, I don't want to miss something that might be lots of fun or a great cultural event!

I am hoping that one of you well-seasoned travelers or a resident of Germany might be able to help me figure this out! Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, majeba (Barbara) Rawlins, Wyoming