Subject: Home Exchanging
Sybil and Fellow Ziners,

Sybil asked about home exchanging.

We have exchanged homes and cars (mostly) 19 times, in North America and Europe. We exchange our home in Walnut Creek, California (near San Francisco); we do not exchange our Maui condo. It's just too easy to rent.

We can honestly say that each exchange was most successful, and a win win situation for both parties. Our last two exchanges were to Toronto and to Vienna, both were wonderful. We believe that home exchanging is a terrific way to travel.

We list with (#11162) and with (US19345). The later is a better listing site. is also a fine home exchange listing site.

We will be happy to answer any specific questions about home exchanging; just send us an email.

Bob and Lynn Wolff Walnut Creek, California and Kihei, Maui, Hawaii