Subject: Re: What to do with all those Digital photos
Hello folks,

Alice, who asked the question, has probably gone to Europe by now, but I thought I'd put in my two cents worth about this topic. I am going away for about 19 days and am taking a film camera and a digital camera. For the digital camera I have my own cards totalling 256Meg and I'm going to borrow a 256Meg card from a friend. (Before I go I will format it in my camera and make sure it is working.) My cards came with a little plastic holder that will accommodate 6 cards. I'll mark one holder Empty and the other Full.

This will give me about 650 photos, shooting at 3 Megapixels, which gives lots of resolution for printing at 4x6 and even larger, for cropping and printing, and for the Web. I'll have about 250 photos from my film camera.

I love photography and I enjoy taking photos and looking at them over and over. The process of composing the shot forces me to look more closely and see things that I might have overlooked. However, I plan to review my photos in the camera daily and delete the ones that are duplicates or just not worth keeping. When I get home, I will take the best ones to a photo shop to be printed, and put them in my albums with the ones from my film camera. I might delete a few more when I see them on my computer, and then I'll burn them to a CD.

When friends ask to see my photos, they don't want to see 3000, and for myself each photo will bring me back memories of other things I saw and did in that place, so I don't need 3000 either. (Please don't think I'm criticizing anyone who takes that many photos in a week--I'm just talking about what works for me.)

A 3-month trip would require other measures, but this is what I'm going to do. People who are pack rats (like me) used to save souvenirs that we never looked at again. Now in the computer age, as hard drives get bigger, and CD and DVD storage is so cheap, it is still easy to be buried under clutter. I know myself better now. :-)

Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada