Subject: Re: Home Exchange Programs
Hi Ziners, My wife and I have done two exchanges using and have been completely delighted with both. Ina the first case, we exchanged with a family from Warwickshire in England. They had a beautiful home that was actually far nicer than their listing had suggested. After the exchange, they became personal friends and have visited us in our home on a later trip to the US.

The second exchange was with a single man from Toronto. We never met him, although we did talk several times on the telephone. His apartment was lovely, and we had a wonderful time there.

In both cases, the visitors took care of our home with as much care as we do, and we tried very hard to do the same in their home.

We are eager to do another exchange sometime soon, and as a matter of fact are currently discussing the possibility with a family from Shropshire.

I can't guarantee that you will have the same excellent luck we did, but I do urge you to explore the possibilities anyway.