Subject: Re: Travelling in the Balkans
Hello Tiffany and Ziners

it's always difficult to give suggestions to someone you don't know, especially on sensitive matters like personal safety or money. In addition, I have no personal experience about Bulgaria and Romania but, being on the gateway to Balkans, I try to stay updated about what's happening. My warning was only like switching a caution light on. I just didn't want someone go down there thinking Bucarest or Sofia are like Paris: surprises aren't always welcomed when you travel, especially when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Even if you don't look rich or naive, you'll always be a foreign girl travelling alone there and that could attract attention, most of time a harmless one, like people asking where you're from or young men hitting on you . The society there is still a bit old-fashioned, where men are still in command (even after 40 years of egalitarian Communism) and strangers are watched closely. You'll probably find the young people easier to deal with. All that said, if you wish to go I'd suggest you to do extensive research on the Internet, trying to contact someone from those countries by message boards or mail lists for firsthand informations. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy