Subject: Need hotel in Copenhagen
Hi Ziners,

We've just booked a June cruise that departs from Copenhagen and we will fly in two nights prior to the cruise to see the city.

I'm looking for a comfortable hotel. We generally prefer hotels with some charm and local ambiance but not willing to give up comforts (like a nice bathroom, good bed or a good location) to have it. Since we'll be going on a cruise, I'm sure we'll have too much luggage, so we don't want to squeeze into a tiny room where we'll be tripping over it. Generally, we like 4 or 5* hotels, but with the Euro at $1.30, I don't think that's in the budget. So a high 3 star might serve us well. I'll look into the chains - Starwood, InterContinental, etc - but would prefer something with more personality, if possible.

I've never been there and have not done any research on the city or it's layout yet. Even if you don't have a hotel recommendation, are there any area's of the city you'd recommend, or just as importantly,

NOT recommend?

Many thanks, Candice NYC