Subject: Re: Need hotel in Copenhagen
G'day Ziners

Candice, you are lucky to be visiting Copenhagen, its a lovely city.

We have stayed at Ibsen's Hotel, in Frederiksborg, just near the lakes. It's a charming, comfortable and clean family-owned place, and the in-house restaurant is excellent (the owner is Italian). Typically Scandinavian, the breakfast is a fabulous smorgasbord. Its quite close to Norreport rail station, which is only about 15 minutes from Kaastrup airport. Net research tells me prices start at Kr735, not bad for Scandinavia, where prices are not low. Book on their own site

By the way, assuming you arrive by air, the rail station is right at the airport exit doors, and its probably the best way all round to travel to the city, provided you can tow all your luggae along.

Typically modern Scandinavian is the Cab-Inn chain, which I have used. Very clean, very neat, very convenient, good value, but no charm. They have one just near Tivoli, so its also near the main rail station. website

For REAL charm, you could stay on the train another 30 minutes, get out at Helsingor (the end of the line anyway) and walk about 30yards to the Hamlet Hotel. Its a timbered (like English Tudor) building probably partly 500 years old, right in the old part of Helsingor, which is a beautifully preserved (but fully utilised) timbered village. Of course the castle is known as Shakespeare's Elsinore, and only a five minute walk away. Do a Google search for Hamlet+Hotel+Helsingor - I dont think they have their own site.

As to what to do in CPH - walk !!!!! The old part of town (round Nyhaven - New Harbour) is charming, if you go to see the lille halfrau (mermaid) you will be close to the fabulous earthworks fort (still used by the army). The Stroget (shopping mall) is nothing like our modern equivalents, and all around that quarter of CPH you will find things of interest. The botanic gardens will be in bloom in June, and the parks are always charming. The bus tours operate from near the Parliament square, though I have not seen the jump on/off tours there. Basically, for a short stay, keep between the Harbour channel and the lakes, and East of the Railway/Tivoli area.

The only downside I can see is that you will have to board the cruise, and leave Copenhagen.

One last thing - Copenhagen (and most of Scandinavia) is notorious for full hotels - book early !!!!

Paul in rainy, but still hot, Sydney