Subject: Re: Need hotel in Copenhagen

don't have a recommendation for a certain hotel. I stayed once in a bed & breakfast I wouldn't recommend and then with a bus tour (as a guide that time) in a hotel which has nothing special to offer. It was in the area south west of the train station (and Tivoli). This is the one area in Copenhagen some residents called not so nice.

I thought it was ok, still it has rather that kind of night life some people like to avoid. On the other hand it's very suitable if you like to go to the Tivoli in the evening - which was a wonderful experience with all the lights on.

And there were hop-on-hop-off bus tours several years ago, so I think they're still in action. Their main stop was just in front of the train station but of course they stop at all the main attractions. I also did a tour by boat which was really nice.

hth Baerbel (Germany)