Subject: Bastille day in Paris
Hi, We spent one July 14 in Paris and it was a wonderful day, crowded but fun. First of all there was the Parade along the Champs-Élysées. It was exciting , cadets were giving away copies of the printed programme of the parade. Planes flew on top of the Champs leaving a stele of blue, red and white at the precise initiation time. After that came the Saint-Cyr Cadets, the Légion Étranger, the famous Garde Républicaine... and so forth. We enjoyed it.

It was a festive day, sunny and warm. I do not recall exactly what we did all day, but at night we attended the fireworks near the Eiffel Tower, there is dancing and fireworks all over the city, we had a wonderful dinner with friends in a restaurant called Ferme St Simon. There are all kinds of events that day although some museums might be closed, I do not recall. But I recall what we ate, we had Pêche rôtie aux fraises. (the dollar was doing better those days)

There was no internet at the time, but today I am sure the programme for the full day will be posted in more than one place.

Graziella, Miami Beach.