Subject: Re: Need hotel in Copenhagen
Hi Candice and other Ziners.

As to 4-5* hotels in Copenhagen try You can find other good sites if you search for it at eg Google. I have stayed at Kong Arthur (4* and ~ 185 EUR

cheapest for a double room) and was quite happy. It is by the lakes and some 10-15 minutes walk from the city's shopping epicentre, the long pedestrian street Stroget. If you want something even more central look for hotels close to the main train station, but they are more likely 2-3*. Top Hotel Hebron (3*) in Helgolandsgade is good value for money, and where I/we usually stay when we want a decent no- nonsense room for a few days not needing spa, hairdresser, massage and a beehive of servants.

Compared to some other capitals in Europe Copenhagen is a very safe place. Some areas like Norrebro may not be the most prudent place to go for a stroll late evening/night, but if you don't live there I can hardly see the reason why to do so. If you loose your wallet in Copenhagen there's a high probability that you'll get it back a day or two later at the lost properties office none the poorer.

Enjoy your trip :-)


Eric Bentzen Denmark