Subject: Re: travelling with one carryon
Hi, Helen:

I'm a tiny-carryon kind of traveler, checking luggage only when absolutely forced to do so.

First stop upon landing is a trip to a market to buy the small items not allowed in carryons. And if I'm headed somewhere so remote that no market is available, I spend the more money & buy the items at an airport shop before leaving for the hinterlands. I'll give away the potentially offending items before returning home & since I usually stay at hostels or B & Bs, there's never a shortage of folks who will be able to use them.

I've been using this strategy since way before 9/11 & it has failed very few times, not even for a rigorous canoeing adventure down a tributary of the Amazon.

On my upcoming medical mission to Guatemala, I'll have to check a duffle. Each of the 87 team members will have a large duffle of medical supplies & equipment which we'll use & leave in Guatemala. My own scrubs & dictionaries will fit just fine in my carryon, & which will probably weigh about 18 pounds; I'll wear my heaviest & bulkiest items on the plane.

Gail In Eugene but never for long.