Subject: Re: Tours in Honolulu
Hi Wil & Elizabeth,

For some historical perspective on the Islands I make two recommendations, the Bishop Museum and the Waipahu Sugar Plantation Village. The museum is the best example of the settling of the Islands by Polynesians and the subsequent development of their unique culture. Displays of other Oceania cultures help give perspective to the Hawaiian's cultural development.On Oahu to see the finest collection of Hawaiian and Polynesian artifacts (including beautiful carvings) you must go to the Bishop Museum. See its website at:

For background information I suggest reading Shoal of Time by Gavan Daws.

Hawaii's Plantation Village at Waipahu Cultural Garden Park is an absolute gem of a discovery. This park/village relates the history of the immigrants who came to Hawaii to work the sugar cane fields from the 1870's to the 1930's. These included immigrants from China, Portugal, the Phillipines, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Okinawa, and others. Homes from the various ethnic groups have been lovingly restored and refurnished with period pieces. The docents who guide you through the grounds relate what life was like working and living on the plantations. And the most amazing thing is that their stories are first-hand.

These are the people who worked, lived, and grew up in these villages. So, when you're walking through the example of the Japanese family's home your guide will tell you about the family that lived there and may relate an incident he had experienced while visiting the home. Extremely fascinating and poignant. See its website at:

Get some background by renting the movie The Picture Bride.

John in San Diego