Subject: Krakow help needed
Hi All,

We'll be in Krakow in early July and need to know how important it is to stay near the city center. We have the option to stay at the Saski, an older downtown hotel, or the Art Hotel Niebieski, a very up-to-date hotel on the Vistula, about 15 minutes' walk from the center. We plan to base in Krakow for five nights, taking daytrips outside the city using our rented car about half the time. Having never been to Krakow before, we'd greatly appreciate suggestions about the importance of location. In our past trips, with the exception of relatively small places such as Rothenburg, it always took 15 minutes or more to get to the center. Krakow is much bigger than Rothenburg, so I'm wondering whether there really is a great advantage to staying at a downtown hotel. Thanks.

Regards, Russell in Connecticut