Subject: Re: Oaxaca
Hi Denise and Barry,

I highly recommend in Oaxaca the bed and breakfast Las Buganvilias, it is located around the corner from beautiful hotel Camino Real where you stay last. I believe that if you get one the best rooms in Las Buganvilias like the one we had called Girasoles, you will find it nicer than the rooms in the hotel. Let me tell you that we do not like B& B and hardly ever stay in them, but this one, - if you choose one of those two front upper rooms with their own terraces,- is really wonderful. Breakfast is outstanding, table is a color festival every day, and food too,they use many organic and traditional ingredients making food lighter and delicious. The only set back is not having a phone or tv in the room, but they will bring the portable phone to your room if you get a call, and they have the cheapest most convenient rates possible to call the US from the B& B. On the front of the B and B separated by a garden there is the rest. La Olla, this is a place that also got a 10 from us. In the B& B they found cars with driver for the day also. Of course at a better rate than those hired through the Camino Real. Also they have a front desk maned all day and at night they have someone that sleeps in the back office available for any emergency. Hope this helps. Before finishing we stay at Las Buganvillas, last year and were told that rooms had recently been highly upgraded. New baths. etc.

Graziella---- Miami Beach