Subject: Re: Eurostar
HI Michele,

I see that no one has replied to you. I didn't reply before this because I didn't have a definitive answer. But I'll jump in now....

My feelings are, in June, there are many people traveling. Are you willing to risk not getting a seat to save a few dollars? Are you flexible enough so that if you're told there are no seats for the next 24-48 hours, you're okay to rearrange plans?

I've travelled on the Eurostar twice during busy times and I did see some empty seats, so the truth is, you probably can get one at the last minute. Again, it all depends on your flexibility. While I can be flexible, I'm too anxious to leave it to fate....but that's my personal style (aka neurosis).

I had a TA here in NY make the booking and I picked up the tickets at her office. There were no booking or delivery fees involved and I paid the same amount as quoted on the website.

Candice NYC