Subject: Re: Krakow help needed
Hello Russell and Ziners,

I stayed at the Saski a few years ago. After a long day of travel and lack of sleep, it was great to be able to walk right over to the town square and relax. However, I was traveling by train and didn't have to worry about where to park a car. That could be a problem.

You might e-mail the Saski and ask them about parking. I'd recommend seeing the town square at night if you can.

Concerning the Saski itself, the only problem my friend and I had was that they didn't give us a room with separate beds. That was changed for us right away. The next day they were very helpful in storing our luggage while we roved around the square until it was time to catch a bus to Zakopane. The bus driver played some folk tunes, at least that's what we thought it was.

Brings back some great memories . . .

Sincerely, majeba (Barbara) Rawlins, Wyoming