Subject: Re: Turks & Caicos query
Hi Shareen, A quick check shows Air Canada offering Saturday flights to the Ts& Cs from Vancouver through Toronto for a fare of $940 plus $140 taxes, etc. There are also plenty of tour packages available. American Airlines, Delta and U.S. Airways have daily flights from U.S. airports such as Miami, New York, Boston, Charlotte and Atlanta. It doesn't look like there are any West Coast departures.

The Ts& Cs are a British Territory and the idea of the islands joining in an association with Canada was raised in 1988 but the idea went nowhere. It has come up again and is being championed by some Canadian politicians. There are also petitions on the web if you care to add your name to these. Personally, I think we should all vote for the addition - our very own Caribbean Paradise.

Here is the Ts& Cs tourist board site

Lucy, Toronto