Subject: Re: Krakow help needed
Hi Majeba

My inquiry about whether to stay in Krakow's old city and just outside seems to have sparked an interesting debate among the various people I've been in touch with. Although we'll be sleeping five nights in Krakow (after two days in Zakopane), we'll be taking the better part of a day at Auschwitz/Birkenau and, I suppose, even more time outside the city at the salt mines and other places. So we'll be renting a car in advance for a full week to take advantage of the better rate and greater flexibility. We have reservations at the Hotel Niebieski, which adjoins the Vistula, and is about 1 mile from the old town center (less than 10 minutes by tram), offers very attractive accommodations, and provides easy car parking. We also have reservations at the Saski, right in the center. Since we rarely, if ever, return to our hotel during the day, proximity of the hotel to where it's happening is not that important. Wherever we've travelled, it's always been a matter of a few Metro or tube stops to get where we going, so I don't see the distance as any big deal. Our typical m.o. is to leave after breakfast and spend the day moving through our list of planned activities for that day. We return to our hotel in late afternoon, rest and change, and then go out again for dinner and evening activities. Were we stay right in the middle of things, I'm not sure that anything would be different. It is, of course, possible that I've done a great job of rationalizing, but I tend to doubt that's the case. We will see soon enough.

Regards, Russell from Connecticut