Subject: Re: Killington, Vermont
Hello again Kathy:

A regular at Killington supplied the following activity information:

Tubing-at the Killington Golf course

Snowmobiling-Either off 100 or at the foot of the Access Road.

Ice skating-Natural ice at the Grist Mill. A new indoor rink in Woodstock with daily public skating. It's about a 35 minute drive but closes around 3/15.

Wall climbing at the Snowshed lodge.

I think you can also find ads for sleigh rides or dog sledding, both of which would be nearby.

In terms of hot spots the two major nightspots are the Wobbly Barn and the Pickle Barrel. Both on the access road and have live bands Thursday to Sunday. The Wobbly has a good menu, the Barrel is just a night club. For a quiet meal off mountain we have two favorites. The Vermont Inn on 4 heading west at the bottom of the access road (about a 15 minute drive from The Snowshed Lodge) and the Corners which is across from The Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater on 4 (about 20 minutes going East-right at bottom of access road). A third spot is Hemmingway's which is between the Skyeship and access road on 4. (another right at bottom of access road)Vermont's highest rated place but a different menu-Venison/foul. For dinner on the access road I would say Charities/Santa Fe/ and Casey's Caboose are about the same. OK but not as good as Corners or Vermont Inn.

For Lunch we like Peppers and the Lookout. They are across the street from each other quite near the mountain on the access road.

FYI, Depending on what they want to do there is a shuttle bus that goes to many of the condo's and up and down the access road for I think $2. If they want to have a few it is not a bad idea.

Hope this helps.

Tom in Carlisle