Subject: Re: Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, at Easter?
Frances, hi. The Q.C.islands are absolutely spectacular! However there is little to do other than outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, birding, etc... There are some nice Haida exhibits both indoors and out. The weather is NEVER that good there. Be prepared for cold windy rain mixed with sunny times followed by more rain...... You get the idea. You can move from side to side on the islands to get drier weather. All the weather from the Gulf of Alaska just rolls right on over the Haida Gwaii headed for the mainland. It does not get too cold or too warm there in April ( prob about 40 - 55 F) Its not much better in July / August either. I was lucky enough to fish Langara island one year. It is the northern most island off the NW corner of Grahm island. If you go try to do some Salmon fishing or better yet you will be there for Spring Steelhead and Cutthroat. Amazing place. Go prepared to be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of it. The Haida have been documented having been on the islands for at least 5000 years. Just curious how will you be getting there? Happy Trails,

David West California U.S.A.