Subject: Re: Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, at Easter?
Hi Frances,

Expect rain and lots of it. There is a short break of sun over the summer (periods in July to Aug-ish.)

I talked to some Archaeologist types and those involved in salmon farming up there and they said rain, rain, rain, even over the summer.

As an alternative, try checking out the north end of Vancouver Island. There is a First Nations Cultural centre in Alert Bay (with some excellent interpretive guides) and Sointula has some neat European history. You can visit old-growth trees that are culturally modified dating back 500 years or so. This is also the best place to whale watch from as there are the rubbing stones at Robson Bight. The north end of the Island, in my opinion, rivals the rockies for views and you don't have to travel as far to see them. We were just up there in oct. Awesome! Then of course, you could mosey down to the west coast, then over to central part of the island for salmon fishing if you like. My older brother and his wife (from Thunder Bay) are opting to visit Vancouver Island for the scenery and wildlife this year instead of scuba diving in Cancun.

Donna Nanaimo, BC