Subject: Re: Past travel and future plans/a few cafes
Hi Paul, One of the most interesting areas to me -- and it's full of cafes -- is the area around Saint Germain des Pres. Start out at Cafe de Flore for breakfast, and head past Saint Germain des Pres to the rue de Buci, and turn left. After you've browsed the shops and the market on the rue de Buci, you may want to stop at Au Chai de L'Abbayye for lunch. I haven't been there yet, but I'm told they have good sandwiches and soup. Head on back to Saint Germain des Pres, in the same direction -- East, towards the 5th arrondissement. Take a right turn on the rue de Seine and stop at Gerard Mulot for a pain chocolat, and eat it in the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is not too far from there or you could stop at Saint Sulpice first, and then head for Jardin du Luxembourg. When you're done exploring the Luxembourg and resting at Saint Sulpice, walk back to the Saint Germain des Pres area, and head in the other direction for the rue Cherche Midi. You may want to stop at Poilane for some bread. Head back to Saint Germain des Pres and a well deserved rest at Les Deux Magots. Laduree also has a cafe nearby, and the Musee Delacroix is also very close.

Best, Sandy in Illinois