Subject: Re: Best budget destinations?
Hi Ziners!

Oh....where to ASIA of course ;) Especially off the beaten track in Asia...away from western-style hotels with western-style prices.

>From my experience you can find delightful places to stay that are well below $50US either along georgeous beaches or in beautiful green valleys in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, or the Philippines. You can also find similar prices in fascinating cultural and historic areas in Vietnam, Cambodia, and China (again - if you are willing to avoid the big hotels).

Other living costs in all of these countries are very reasonable - food is cheap (exotic fruits to die for, sauces that you'll wish you could duplicate at home - but I never can, etc) - local transportion plentiful and fun (if you are willing to 'rough it'!) and local crafts are inexpensive and wonderful souvenirs (as well as fun to bargain for). get over here...(for at least North Americans - not sure about other countries), Cathay PAcific has an All Asia pass which gives you the opportunity to travel to HK and then up to 17 destinations for the all-inclusive price of $999US. Great deal!

Hope to have a GTG in HK with more of you budget-minded and adventureous Ziners in the future!

Judy in Hong Kong