Subject: Re: Best budget tips?
Hi, Frances and Ziners:

My best budget tip when traveling is one that probably most people don't want to scrimp on, but I do -- food.

I hate to waste money on expensive meals when it goes straight through (or maybe some stays on your hips ), and then you have nothing to show for it except for maybe a few extra pounds. Don't get me wrong, I love food, and I love to eat within reason, but I'm always on a limited budget, and I'd rather save on food than on souvenirs and sightseeing.

I try to get a budget hotel that includes a buffet breakfast so I can fill up at no extra charge. That carries me through until mid-afternoon. Then I'll find a cafe where I can get a meal at lunch prices instead of the inflated dinner prices. Into the evening, I'll snack on stuff I've brought with me from home or bought at a local market.

I don't need the big, expensive dinners that many travelers go in for, and it's best to have your lightest meal in the evening anyway. And it sure saves a lot of money.

Diana San Diego, California