Subject: Re: Albufeira, Portugal
Hi Marge,

We stayed 5 days in Salema which is a small fishing village a few miles west of Albufeira & am sending info on a couple great restaurants right on the beach in Salema & west in Sagres. Both villages are worth a look if you have a car. Salema is really, really small & much of it unspoiled.

Sagres is the last village before you get to Cape St. Vincent which is the farthest point west in Europe. The headlands jut out into the Atlantic. Just inside the gates at Cape St. Vincent some Portugeuse ladies sell homemade lace items. Very nice & easy to roll in your suitcase for souvenirs. The young couple who run the souvenir shop in Salema, Marlena & Sergio, sell everything from great Portugeuse ceramic items to jewelry, postcards, everything! These two little towns are so quiet, compared to Albufeira but really delightful views of the sea.

>From my travelogue: We went to the Atlantico restaurant in Salema for a delightful lunch on the deck. The rain held off long enough for us to finish lunch. When I was in Salema 2 years ago the Atlantico was a ramshackle wood & canvas building on the beach. Now it#s a beautiful new building overlooking the beach. We enjoyed charcoal-grilled fish for lunch..golden bream for Margo & me, sea bass for Annabelle & sardines for Bill while we related our Egyptian adventures & Bill & Annabelle, new TravelZiners, talked about their upcoming trip of 100 days to see Portugal, Andorra, & France. Another day after going to Prince Henry the Navigator's forteleza in Sagres, we stopped for lunch on the beach at the O Tel heiro do Infante at the Praia du Mareta. Iris & I ate there 2 years ago & the food was great & the location better. The owner greeted us today & chatted#maybe because we ordered their specialty, monkfish cataplana, a wonderful fish stew cooked in a covered, metal dish. It was absolutely worth the 40 Euros for 2 people! It had monkfish, crab, mussels, prawns, with veggies in a nice broth. It was enough for 3-4 people & we were stuffed & had to leave some. The sun was wonderful, the sea was sparkly & the surfers were catching the waves. It was a lovely afternoon.

Hope you enjoy the Algarve. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit where the people are very friendly & kind.

Carol Bailey N. Idaho