Subject: budget destinations, etc.
Hello, everyone -

I vote for Slovenia as a reasonably-priced destination. Although it's tricky to find low-cost accommodations in the cities, there are wonderful places to stay in the country, especially in the beautiful areas around Lake Bled and (my favorite) Lake Bohinj. Last August I stayed in a pension near Bohinj where my room, breakfast and dinner came to about $26/night. The room was at the top of three flights of stairs, but it was clean, comfortable, spacious, and had its own balcony - not a bad deal, especially since I arrived without reservations.

On the other end of the scale, I once stayed at the Grand Hotel Baglioni in Bologna, and agree that it is fabulous. Everyone should stay in this kind of hotel at least once.

Diana, I agree with you that food is a place to save money. Especially when traveling alone, I do my fancy dining at a late lunch, and count on sandwiches or snacks for dinner. Leaves room for gelato, or whatever the local treat happens to be.

Speaking of food, during the month of March, visitors to Seattle should check out the 25 for $25 restaurant promotion, in which 25 of the city's best restaurants offer a limited menu at certain hours. This promotion is VERY popular with the locals, so if you go, be sure to make reservations.

Julie in (sunny right now) Seattle